​​Watch your home and office from anywhere in the world at any time.  We provide home and commercial security systems (alarms, cameras, door locks, entryway systems, video intercoms so you can talk to the person at the front door).

Custom Home Theatre

Why go out when you can enjoy the movie at home in style!! We customize the entire room to meet your needs and wants.  From seating to sound treatments to audio equipment.  

Outdoor Entertainment

More and more clients are asking me to find a way to bring their 'entertainment' outdoors.  From music to weather proof TV's to movies, we can do it all.  

HVAC Control

Control your heat and cooling from anywhere.

Universal Remotes

Gone are the days of multiple remotes just to watch TV.  Control anything from AV to lights from one remote or one app on your smartphone or tablet.  

Living Room Theatre

Not everyone wants a theatre room or there may not be space for one.  A surround sound system can be installed almost anywhere.  We can make speakers flush in the ceiling or find many ways to conceal them.  

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Multiroom Audio and Video, rich, dynamic and always sounding its absolute best.  Play it soft or play it loud, in any room you choose.

Clean, will not even notice speakers until you turn them on.

Automate Your Life

Not only control a variety of systems (heat, lights, audio, security, sprinklers, etc.) throughout your home but Automate it. As an example open your front door after dark and the front lights turn on, arm your security system when you leave for work, all the TV's and lights in the home turn off and the heat lowers and all the blinds close...... 


​​Proper WiFi coverage and network is a must, not just in a smart home.  We provide solutions both hardwired and wireless.  Commercial grade networking is our standard even for the home.

Lighting Control

Control your lights from anywhere.  Automating your lighting will make your life more convenient. All it takes is a different light switch. It is easier than you think.

"We Make Technology Behave"