When Surveyed Our Clients Chose Us Because....

  • "I liked the service aspect the best in that I always felt that the entire project was being taken care of and I didn’t need to worry about the little details. Often, with many other businesses I’ve dealt with, I feel like I need to watch over the project to ensure everything is done correctly.  I didn’t feel that way with Shane."

  • "We prefer to deal with a company dedicated to this service and industry, instead of those who offer them as an ancillary service." 

  • "You sold and installed our order and provide service when requested. Your pricing was acceptable to us. You provided service that you don’t normally provide through buying our products, etc. We expressed our need – you asked questions for clarity – we agreed and we were able to walk away knowing our needs were going to be met."

  • "You came highly recommended, and you were / have been a pleasure to work with.  Your work has been (to say the least) timely, and professionally provided." ​

  • ​"Regarding anything involving sound systems, the point of different to others is simply this:  You know what you are doing, and care enough to ensure the client is happy at the end of the day."

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