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Continual Education

​Technology is always changing.  We feel it is our responsibility to be current and offer leading edge technology to our clients.  Seminars, trade shows, training courses, and product research is mandatory. 

"We Make Technology Behave"

About Us

Smart Digital Living is the leading provider of home and commercial automation solutions in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta since 2009

Specializing in projects from small to large, we deliver an exceptional experience, options that fit your lifestyle and are easy to use and enjoy.  We offer a wide range of solutions custom designed to fit the needs and budget of our clients.

We are proud to stand behind and support our work.

This is our Specialty

As specialists in our industry we have had extensive training along with 15 yrs field work. We have already tested and proven the proper techniques and products. ​We run wire the right way, which reduces the amount of labor, service calls, and headaches for builders and clients. 

Our company specializes in low voltage exclusively. This is what we do!  Why be a company’s ‘test project’ when you could have a professional do it right the first time.